Cairns local experts in custom-made shower screens and mirrors, we also install and replace glass.


We supply all types of shower screens, including framed, semi-framed and frameless varieties. Contact us for further information on our designs & styles.
In today's busy world, your bathroom has become a refuge from everyday stress. It is here you can enjoy a few moments to yourself, so your bathroom should be a modern and functional space.
Our range of stylish, made-to-measure shower screens can complement any bathroom.
As their name suggests, these screens are fully framed around the edge. Built with a glass insert and aluminium perimeter, they are considered the least maintenance of all screen types. Fully self-supported framed screens are ideal for those customers working with a budget. The frame itself can be supplied in different colours, so you can select one to suit your bathroom.
Built with more glass and less aluminium edging, semi-framed screens are a much better fit for minimalist bathrooms. Giving the illusion of space, these screens are often used in smaller bathrooms or ensuites. The framed edges ensure greater stability.
With no frames to obstruct the vision, frameless shower screens are ideal for those with a modern, elegant bathroom. They are the easiest screen type to clean, as there are less corners and joins for moisture to collect in. The simple design looks luxurious, while remaining an affordable option.
Bath Screens
For bathrooms with limited room and combined bath and shower areas, bath screens are your best option. They allow easy entrance to the bathtub, while reducing splashback on the floor.

Showertech are able to design and install the ideal screen for your bathroom, no matter the requirements that you may have.