Cairns local experts in custom-made shower screens and mirrors, we also install and replace glass.

Glass Replacement Cairns


Glass Replacement For Windows, Doors, And Shower Screens.

If you need glass replaced, installed or custom cut, speak to the team at Showertech. We handle glass for windows, doors, shower screens and more.
Showertech can handle all types of glass replacement, for windows, doors, shower screens and mirrors.
Our team have been confidently securing areas around broken glass, and carrying out repairs for over 25 years. We know that having glass at your home or office broken can be daunting, even for those that have been through the process before. Showertech's professional staff will make you feel comfortable before they carry out their repairs.
Window Replacement
A glass window looking out at a view of trees
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Window Glass Replacement

Whether it is your home or business with a cracked or shattered window, Showertech can assist you. Broken windows not only pose a safety concern, but also a security risk to your premises. Knife-like shards are often a result of a broken window, so repairs are best left to the professionals.
Door Repairs and Replacements
Glass doors leading onto a verandah in Cairns
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Door Glass Replacement

Most sliding glass doors require little maintenance, aside from occasionally replacing rollers or locks. Should your door sustain some type of impact, there will probably be a need to replace the glass panel. Showertech have experience with almost every type of sliding door, so they are able to easily fit a new panel to your existing door.
Shower Screen Repairs
A broken shower screen that needs repairs
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Glass Shower Screen Repair

Whether replacing a panel or upgrading your existing shower screen to a more modern look, Showertech can assist you. Broken panels can easily be replaced, as we cut all glass screens to size.
Whatever your glass product, you can rest assured that Showertech can assist you with replacing a broken or out-dated piece.