Cairns local experts in custom-made shower screens and mirrors, we also install and replace glass.

Custom Mirrors Cairns

We are experts in cutting and placing new mirrors into homes. For all shapes and sizes of mirrors, be sure to contact Showertech.
Custom Mirrors
A custom cut mirror installed over a sink in a bathroom in Cairns
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Custom Made Mirrors for Your Needs

Mirrors have undergone a bit of a transformation over the years, from being a functional piece of furniture to a centrepiece of the room.

At Showertech, we can custom-make a mirror to perfectly suit your needs. Many mirrors used today are frameless, however they can be given frames, or bevelled edges to complete the look.

The potential location of your mirror can determine the size of the glass, but there are also other factors to consider. We recommend choosing a shape that reflects the overall design of your room, without overwhelming it.

Whether you choose to place your mirror in the hallway, bathroom, living room, bedroom or even outdoors, Showertech can custom-make a design just for you. For the traditional areas, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, we can measure the space and work through the design options. The choice of edging is completely up to you.

Showertech can also assist you with the repair or replacement of a desilvered mirror. Desilvering is a common problem with many mirrors, and can be exacerbated by moisture, incorrect cleaning techniques or age. While many customers choose to resilver the mirror, in some cases it is much more cost effective to completely replace the mirror pane.

Contact Showertech when you need a quote on your next mirror, and we can easily provide you with some further information on the design and cut to suit your needs.